Powering successful promotions

DeepMarkit will offer a breakthrough promotions management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes run promotions that drive brand awareness, customer engagement, and direct sales.

Legally compliant and multi-platform, our promotions solution enables the creation of a customized promotion within minutes. Proprietary features will allow for the layering of contest options, taking a simple game to a new level of sophistication not available in the market today.

  • Marketers wanting to easily create and launch a branded promotion without needing legal or a technology or creative team
  • Small business owners needing a low cost, legally compliant promotions solution to stand apart from competitors
  • Designers and Developers needing a quick solution to produce a customized promotional game or contest

Bespoke Promotion Solutions

Businesses of all sizes and industries will choose DeepMarkit for its best-in-class online promotions management system that will go well beyond any solution available on the market today. Multi-platform, the system will also have deep social integration components.

Highly customizable, the solution will easily accommodate different campaign types such as sweepstakes and contests with a broad selection of games that include instant-win and skill-based games. The comprehensive feature set and flexibility will make this product the most powerful and effective solution in the market today, suitable for all businesses.

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