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We're excited to welcome our new teammates: Jack & Carter!

DeepMarkit Corp., a producer of gamified marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes, wishes to announce the latest additions to our…

Millennials put a premium on “experiences” and as the on-the-go millennial generation has shown us time and time again - convenience is key.

Carly Zipp Garbis, Communications and Events Director at OUTFRONT Media discusses how both retailers and brands are reimagining advertising in the...
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Companies and their brands have to keep pace to remain relevant and on top of their digital game. No pun intended.

Here are seven suggestions for Chinese content marketeers.

Mobile advertising is negatively impacting people’s daily experiences on their mobile phones

In a survey of 3,600 mobile users from 18 different countries, 61% of respondents said they now see more ads compared to a year ago, while 54%...

Checkouts not only need to be extremely responsive and secure, they also need to entice the customer. From this, the gamified checkout was born.

Simple yet rewarding games technologies, such as a virtual scratch card, a slot machine, a wheel of fortune, gift boxes and mystery discount, can...|By

E-commerce is an essential component of your survival. If you fail to build a robust online presence, you won’t be in business in five years.

Develop a digital-first strategy that focuses on everything from building an appealing online brand to developing a strong social media presence...

What really matters is that all interactive marketing has a stickiness that binds the user to the marketed product or service. It's a give-and-take relationship.

You can foster successful relationships using interactive marketing, but only if both parties get something out of the deal.

The amazing growth of mobile games across the world means more and more people engage with gaming experiences

We used to think 'gamers', now we think 'players'

Games have become truly mass market and it's a massive, massive opportunity that's only going to get bigger

The 700 million gamers in China generated $24.6 billion of the industry's $101.1 billion global market value over 2016, just ahead of the U.S.’s...

Mobile use in China has skyrocked to more than 700 million users, and the growth rate of usage has outpaced that of users. While most of the revenue drivers are in actual interactive games, gaming culture tends to bleed into other industries as well.

There are more opportunities for fashion brands to apply tenets of gamification to the shopping experience, whether through loyalty programs,...

Marketers have been constantly exploring new tools to engage with consumers with an aim to build long-term relationships. One such new-age tool is 'gamification', called out as one of the most important trends in technology by several industry experts.

For the new-age consumers who leverage technology for entertainment and shopping, gamification is a smart tool to engage with them in a way they...

China leads the world in interactive game revenue thanks to tech titans Alibaba, Tencent, JD and Baidu leading the pack

From the mobile Internet, to online entertainment to on-demand cars and bikes, to mobile payment to e-commerce, China is setting world standards.

Brands need to find a way to differentiate themselves from the competition while still adding value to their audience.

Experiential marketing channels help create a two-way dialogue.

We are in the era of empowered customers who define the customer experience on their own terms.

New technologies are enabling new innovative experiences, which are in turn drive increasing customer expectations. This leads to the requirement...

A key way to keep millennial customers engaged is to create a game thats immersive, fun and interactive

By driving customers to redeem vouchers for a prize, games provide the added benefit of significantly increasing foot traffic into stores.

Game-based apps can be and are used to attract potential new customers, to keep in touch with existing clients, and to reactivate cold customers

Gamification can offer a combination of benefits, education, and sharing to make the game even more interesting and more valuable for your brand.