Interact with your Website Traffic

Convert unknown traffic into customers.

Optimize your website with pop-ups, slide-outs and banners to deliver purchase incentives.

Website Display Features

Collect More Email Addresses With an Interactive Slide-Out, Pop-Ups and Banner Displays

Grow your email list and convert your unknown traffic into genuine leads.

Easily export your lead data to your CRM or email marketing service, or use one of our integrations.

Boost Your Sales and Conversion Rates

Prizes and incentives are a great motivator for audience participation. Completing an action such as playing a game or entering an email, increases the value of a reward like a coupon — also increasing the likelihood of using it.

Add as many physical or digital prizes as you want with multiple reward options: everybody wins, instant win, and sweepstake draws prizes.

Easy to Edit Campaigns

With DeepMarkit, it’s easy to create and customize a website display that’s fun and delivers results. 

Keep things fresh by creating as many campaigns as you’d like.

Easily design your website displays to reflect your store, brand, products or events. 

Marketing Tool Editor

Different Triggers For a Highly Targeted Campaign

Three campaign triggers that can be used individually or in combination.

Pull Tab – A small tab will appear on the side of the screen. It will wiggle to encourage your visitors to click on it. When they do, your promotion will slide into view.

Auto Slide-Out – If your visitor hasn’t viewed your promotion within a specific timeframe, we can show it to them automatically.

Exit Intent – By tracking your visitor’s mouse movement, your campaign will appear when it looks like they’re leaving

Prize Banners are a great way to remind your visitors they won a prize. The countdown timer encourages them to make a purchase.

URL Filters allow you to display your campaign on certain pages of your website.

Keep your Campaigns Fresh and Active 24/7

Save time by scheduling your website displays across your website.

Have different campaigns appear on different days of the week. 

Great for generating traffic and hype for select days of the week or holidays and special events!

Marketing Tool Scheduling

Gamified Displays

The Engaging Way to Convert Your Visitors into Leads

Keep your Visitors Entertained with Three Games to Choose From

Easily customize your gamified slide-out displays to fit your brand. Add your logo, change the game, theme, color, text, and prizes.

marketing tool

How Do You Use Pegboard?

Pegboard, most commonly known as Plinko, is played by dropping a disc into a slot and receiving the corresponding prize in that slot.

Your visitor will drop their disc from the top of the board which is made up of a field of pegs with each row offset from the previous row. As the disc falls, it’s deflected by pegs, making it difficult to predict where the disc will land. 

How Do You Use Scratch Card?

A Scratch Card, is an instant game where four areas contain a concealed prize. By virtually scratching one of the areas, your visitor will win the revealed prize. 

marketing tool

How Do You Use Prize Wheel?

Shake things up with the reinvented pop-up wheel. 

The wheel is divided into a number of equal segments with different win-lose scenarios. 

Visitors can play by clicking to spin the wheel and will be rewarded the prize indicated by the pointer in the corresponding section. 

Email Collection

Collect More Leads and Opportunities. Create Stronger Relationships.

A Full-Page Overlay

These website displays open in the same browser window and are layered on top of the page content.

Full-page overlays are an effective way to really grab a visitor’s attention — quickly relay your marketing message and encourage your visitors to complete your calls to action. 

Marketing Pop Up Light Box

Notification Banners

A banner is an overlay that sits at the top of your visitors’ browser window. 

Banners are an effective way to subtly display important messaging and an effective email capture method. 

Marketing Pop Up Banner Light Box

Get your Message Front and Center

These modal overlays allow you to capture your visitors’ attention while avoiding being a victim of ad-blockers. 

Marketing Pop Up Light Box

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