Using Branded Games as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

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Branded games provide a compelling, measurable and cost-effective means to engage prospective customers and increase brand identity in the following ways outlined below:


With recent technology advancements enabled by HTML5, games can be viewed and played on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Games can thus be shared and played from anywhere without the requirement of app downloads or customized for multiple platform-specific formats.


Online games can be played and shared on social media networks and in messaging apps. A branded game that combines playful interaction on all platforms with social sharing will effectively push your marketing message out to your target audience and their friends.


Games are permission-based, fun, and interesting. To rank on leaderboards, enter competitions or challenge friends, players must choose whether to opt in with their contact details.

Customer Engagement

Games reward progression. Players try again and again until they excel, induced by the challenge and the dopamine triggered in anticipating rewards. By offering rewards to players as they achieve milestones within your branded game, you’ll encourage further engagement. Competition and collaboration are also powerful drivers of engagement, and thus scoring and leaderboard ranking increases engagement as well.

Cost Effective

Using customized templates, branded HTML5 games can be produced quickly and affordably, allowing SMBs to gain the benefits and advantages from using games in their marketing.


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