Increase Lead Retrieval Engagement

Teaming up with ITN International, our games are a great way to interact with your trade show attendees and create a memorable experience.

ITN PLAY is fun, it works and can be easily added onto an exhibitor's lead retrieval order.

Boost Your Trade Show Presence

Use mobile games to increase engagement immediately after lead retrieval.
ITN PLAY is the fun and gratifying way to award prizes and engage with your leads.
DeepMarkit Prizes

Already Giving Away Swag?

Make it fun and automate the process with ITN PLAY!

Combine any number of prizes and award them in a variety of ways in a single campaign to attract, grow and reward your list of new leads.
Sweepstakes build anticipation by rewarding attendees with draw prizes.

You can separate draws for each day or run a single draw at the end of the event.
Instant win prizes allow you to reward your leads based on odds or have everyone win immediately after playing.

Each ITN PLAY Campaign Comes With:

trade show lead retrieval

Landing Pages

Easily customizable to reflect your website, brand, products or events.
Create your customized lead-generation form and add all your important calls to action, messaging, social media links and more!

Build Your Landing Page Without Any Coding

Design once and deploy everywhere. Your landing page will automatically be mobile-responsive.

Branded Games

Games are a great way to interact with your audience, build brand awareness and create a product narrative.
Cost-effective way to stand out by creating a more memorable and entertaining experience.

Try Our Games!

Over 60 game themes to choose from, making it easy for you to create an entertaining and interactive game in minutes. Tap to try!

Simple Game Editor

Easily customize your branded game by simply adding your logo or go nuts and brand every pixel. No coding required.

Why a Game?

By adding a game to your lead retrieval process, you're making the exchange entertaining for your attendees, rewarding them for their participation and encouraging them to continue interacting with your business post-event.
Immediately Engage with New Leads
Grow your mailing list through incentive-based games that capture visitor interest.
Boost Your Branding and Engagement
Actively engage with your visitors to create a memorable experience and a greater sense of value for your prizes.
Easily Customize Campaigns
Customize your campaign to fit your brand by changing the logo, theme and colors.

How Do I Use It?

1. Purchase a Lead Retrieval Device from ITN
2. Purchase the ITN PLAY Add-On
3. Create your ITN PLAY campaign from ITN's BCard Portal
4. At your event, scan the attendees' badges to collect leads
5. Your ITN PLAY campaign URL will be sent to your new leads
6. Leads interact with your campaign
7. Reward your leads