Capture more emails and boost your sales with DeepMarkit's customizable interactive customer acquisition tools.

How does Klaviyo and DeepMarkit Work Together?

Grow your Klaviyo email lists with DeepMarkit by collecting leads from your Website Display Campaigns and Social Media Promotions.

Key Benefits
  •     Quickly grow your Klaviyo email lists with prizes and incentives
  •     Improve the shopping experience for your customers and generate more sales
  •     Connect with your new contacts and remind them of their prize

More Features

Connect Your Klaviyo List to DeepMarkit in 3 Easy Steps

1. On your DeepMarkit Dashboard, click on the Mail Integration box.
DeepMarkit Dashboard Marketing Tool
2. Toggle the switch beside Klaviyo and enter your list’s API Key.
klaviyo integration
3. Once connected, select one of your Klaviyo lists and click save. Now, just watch your email list grow!
AWeber Email List Selection

Boost Your Business With DeepMarkit

Turn your website visitors into email subscribers and future sales with DeepMarkit. Seamlessly connect your Klaviyo list with DeepMarkit and install on any website platform including Shopify, BigCommerce and Squarespace.