Drive more traffic for your WordPress website and capture more emails with DeepMarkit's audience acquisition tools.

How do WordPress and DeepMarkit Work Together?

Our tools will help you grow your online traffic, email list and business with our website displays and social media promotions — the key to your WordPress website’s conversion success. 

Key Benefits
  •     Quickly grow your email lists for future marketing with incentives and rewards
  •     Improve visitor website experiences for better SEO
  •     Fully customizable to fit your WordPress website and branding

More Features

Everyone Loves to Win

Reward your visitors using DeepMarkit’s tools focused on customer acquisition, retention and rewards. 

Attract, grow and reward your store traffic while encouraging customer loyalty and growth. 

Create Targeted Campaigns and Personalized Notifications to Grow your Email Lists

Pull Tab — A visual call to action that when clicked, triggers your campaign to display

Auto Slide-Out — Displays your campaign based on how long a visitor has been on your site

Exit Intent — By tracking your visitor’s mouse movement, your campaign will appear when it looks like they’re leaving

URL filters allow you to display your campaign on certain pages of your website. 

Schedule your campaigns to appear on specific days of the week. 

A New Way of Collecting More Emails

Run a Social Media Promotion to help drive traffic to your website and collect contacts in a fun and unique way. 


Offer a Monthly Cash Prize Guaranteed to Generate More Leads

Offer your visitors an enticing cash prize sweepstakes entry for participating in your campaign.

Once a month, DeepMarkit will draw a winner from all campaign entrants collected by all active campaigns that have enabled the CASH Club 50/50 Sweepstakes feature (your players and the players of other DeepMarkit users). The winner will receive a cash prize of $100 and the merchant whose entrant was selected will also win $100. All paid in full by DeepMarkit. 

Cash Club

How to Install DeepMarkit on Your WordPress Website

For our Website Tools there are two ways to install DeepMarkit on your WordPress Website:

How to Install DeepMarkit on Your WordPress Website using the Plug-In Method

1. Manually download our plug-in or get it from the WordPress Store

You can manually upload the plug-in to your website by downloading it here (.zip) or you can download it from WordPress.

Or go to “Add Plugins” from your WordPress navigation and search ‘DeepMarkit’. 

wordpress marketing plugin
2. Once successfully installed, you’ll find DeepMarkit in your left navigation menu
WordPress Marketing Plug-In
3. Create as many campaigns as you’d like and activate when you’re ready!
Marketing Dashboard DeepMarkit

How to Install DeepMarkit on Your WordPress Website using the Portal Method

1. Create your Free DeepMarkit Account Here
2. Create a Campaign
DeepMarkit Marketing Dashboard
3. Copy your DeepMarkit App Code

Once you’ve finished customizing your campaign, at the bottom of the editor you’ll find your DeepMarkit App Code. Copy this code.

deepmarkit app code
4. Access your WordPress Appearance Editor

From the WordPress admin, click on Appearance > Editor

5. Under Templates, click on Theme Header

After accessing your Appearance Editor, on the right-hand side, under the ‘Theme Files’ heading, find and click on your ‘Theme Header’.

WordPress Marketing Apps
6. Paste the DeepMarkit App Code

Scroll to the bottom of the field and paste your integration code here. Click Update File when you’re done. 

7. Activate Your Campaign

After pasting your integration code, activate a DeepMarkit campaign you’ve created when you’re ready.

To activate your DeepMarkit campaign, click on the Activate Campaignbutton in the Campaign Editor or in the Dashboard, click on the activatebutton.

Once activated, your campaign will appear on  your website.

Boost Your WordPress Website

Generate more traffic and convert your visitors with DeepMarkit.