Create more traffic for your Squarespace website and capture more emails with DeepMarkit's customer acquisition tools.

How do Squarespace and DeepMarkit Work Together?

DeepMarkit’s ready to go tools focused on customer acquisition which will help your Squarespace website generate more traffic and convert your visitors. 

Key Benefits
  •     Quickly grow your email lists for future marketing with Instant Win and Sweepstake prizes
  •     Improve the shopping experience for your customers and generate more sales
  •     Fully customizable to fit your website and branding

More Features

How to Install DeepMarkit on Your Squarespace Website

1. Create a Free DeepMarkit Account
2. Copy your DeepMarkit App Code

Create a Website Display campaign to access your DeepMarkit App Code. You’ll find it at the bottom of the campaign editor. 

DeepMarkit Marketing Dashboard
deepmarkit app code
3. Access your Squarespace account’s Advanced Settings

From your navigation menu, click on Settings >Advanced > Code Injection

4. Paste your DeepMarkit App Code

You can either paste your App Code in the header or footer section, but do not paste it in both sections. Save when you’re ready.

This will make your campaigns appear on every page of your website. If you only want it to appear on certain pages, you can use the URL filters in the DeepMarkit Campaign Editor. 

5. Activate Your Campaign

After pasting your integration code, activate a DeepMarkit campaign you’ve created when you’re ready.

To activate your DeepMarkit campaign, click on the Activate Campaignbutton in the Campaign Editor or in the Dashboard, click on the activatebutton.

Once activated, your campaign will appear on  your Squarespace website.

Boost Your Squarespace Website

Turn your store visitors into email subscribers and future sales with DeepMarkit.