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How to Install DeepMarkit on ANY Website

1. Install our DeepMarkit app from the App or Plug-in Store

Currently, DeepMarkit is only available in certain app stores. You can find us on Shopify, WordPress, BigCommerce and Weebly

We’re developing apps for other platforms which will be available soon. This will allow you to configure your campaigns within the platform of your choice. 

2. Manually install the DeepMarkit App Code to your Website — it’s easy! 

After creating your DeepMarkit account and/or logging in, create a campaign. At the bottom of the editor you will find your DeepMarkit App Code. 

DeepMarkit Dashboard Marketing Tool
deepmarkit app code
3. Paste your App Code 

i) Paste your integration code on your “master” page

If you have a more dynamic website, copy and paste this code anywhere on your master page. This will make your display campaigns appear on every page of your website. If you only want it to appear on certain pages, you can set up the URL filters in the DeepMarkit campaign editor


ii) Paste your integration code on your individual pages

If you use static pages on your website, simply paste the code on each page you want your slide-out to appear.

4. Activate your Campaign

After pasting your App Code, activate a campaign you’ve created.

To activate a campaign you can click on the Activate Campaignbutton. Once activated, your DeepMarkit display will appear on your website. 

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