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Located in Coquitlam, British Columbia., Bikram Yoga was the first hot yoga studio to be established in Vancouver’s Tri-City area. This award-winning studio approached us to learn more about DeepMarkit’s platform and how to create their own branded game that would help them to further promote their practice.

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Last November, the Tri-City studio used our DeepMarkit platform for creating their own HTML5 Scratch Card game. Using the platform, the studio customized their own game to fit their promotion, giving away a $25 gift certificate. Shared among their existing clientele, the game was a brilliant and quick way for the studio to further interact, engage and strengthen their relationships.

Customer ROI

Using a web-based game was a tech-savvy and modern approach to Bikram Yoga’s marketing and promotions, just like their customers – making it a perfect fit for their strategy.

Increased Click-Through and Open Rate

Using Constant Contact, the studio provided a link to their game in their already established e-mail campaign which included over 8,000 people. Prior to the gamified campaign, Bikram Yoga received an average 3% click-through rate (CTR) and a 10% open rate. With Bikram Yoga’s gamified promotion, their open rate increased by 10% and the campaign received a 15% CTR – a 500% increase. Out of all the people who visited the game’s landing page, 91% engaged and played the game.

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The results of our promotion were tremendous and increased our sales over 18% compared to the previous promotions we have run. It’s hard for small business owners to interact with their audience and clients but the gamified promotions DeepMarkit provides enabled us to expand our brand, develop leads and engage with our community. We are planning to create regular campaigns using the DeepMarkit platform because of the high value it brought to our studio.

– Ashif Motan, the owner of Bikram Hot Yoga Tri-City

Why HTML5?

The app-rush gold mine is over and the post-app world is here. Web-based solutions are becoming more popular, which can be seen in the recent news such as Twitter’s recent launch of Twitter Lite.

Using a web-based solution allows your branded game to be easily shareable on all devices, across different platforms such as social networks and messenger apps. Facebook recently launched Instant Games worldwide for their Messenger platform, allowing users to play no-download HTML5 games.

DeepMarkit’s suite of HTML5 games loads in seconds on any device with a browser, with no downloads or plugins required – creating a hassle-free experience for your audience.

If you would like to learn more about DeepMarkit and how we can help you convert players into leads, into customers, contact us!

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