How to Create Successful Interactive Marketing Campaigns

An all-in-one marketing toolkit built for your business. Learn how to grow and optimize your ecommerce store with our marketing tools.

What is DeepMarkit?

DeepMarkit provides ecommerce merchants with an all-in-one digital marketing toolkit.

Our toolkit includes three interactive digital marketing tools: Email Collection Displays, Gamified Displays and Social Media Promotions.

With several prizing mechanics, templates and themes to choose from, you can rest assured that your marketing stays fresh and exciting.


Elevate Your Website Visitor's Experience With Website Displays

Our Email Collection and Gamified Displays encourage your website visitors to interact with your brand.

They help you collect audience data in return for a personalized reward. You can then use this data for future marketing purposes.

Rewards are a great way to incentivize sales and boost brand loyalty.

How to Create a Website Display

  1. Pick a display type: Full-Page Overlay, Banner, Pop-Up, or Gamify it!

  2. Using our editor, customize it to fit your brand: add your logo, messaging, colors, background, and call to action.

  3. Add your prizes! Reward and incentivize your audience for their participation.

  4. Set-up how you want your campaign to be triggered: after a specific amount of time, on exit-intent, on certain pages or on certain days.

The Value of Email Collection Displays

Capture your website visitor’s attention to collect their contact information.

Grow your mailing list for future marketing purposes and create positive relationships.

For example, before the holidays, grow your mailing list using DeepMarkit’s toolkit. When the holiday season approaches, email your list to let them know about your seasonal promotions and deals.

Modernize Your Conversion Strategy With Gamified Displays

We’ve reinvented the wheel and added a dash of fun to our Website Displays.

Gamification is taking the world by storm and we’ve made it easy for you to add it to your marketing strategy with our simple editor.

Gain attention and encourage participation with something new and out of the box — a rewarding experience for both you and your visitors.

Social Media Marketing

Create Interactive Brand Experiences

DeepMarkit’s Social Media Promotions are one of a kind.

By incorporating a branded game with your Social Media Promotions, you can create a fun, highly entertaining and rewarding marketing campaign.

How to Create a Fun Social Media Promotion

  1. Create a Landing Page — a landing page helps you capture leads by collecting email addresses, names, and other data for future marketing purposes.

  2. Brand a Game — a powerful tool to help boost your brand recognition, engagement and promote your products.

  3. Add Prizes — incentivize users to share their data and purchase your stuff. Run a sweepstake draw, instant win prize or let everyone win.

  4. Create Sharable Tracking Links — Configure OpenGraph data so your campaign looks great when it’s shared on Facebook and Twitter.

How Your Audience will Experience your Social Media Promotion

In this example, we’ll be using a Facebook audience:

  1. Exposure — your audience comes across your campaign by scrolling through their Facebook timeline.

  2. Data Collection — when your audience clicks on your promotion’s post or ad, they’ll be taken to your branded landing page where they will enter their information.

  3. Brand Loyalty — after entering their information, your visitor will play your branded game which will help to boost brand loyalty and awareness. Keep in mind, time spent with your audience is a greater KPI than the number of impressions.

  4. Rewards — finally, after playing your game they will be rewarded a prize that will incentivize them to complete the desired action. For example, a coupon to make a purchase.

Built to Drive Real Results

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