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Tying It All Together: Gamification, Lead Generation, Conversion Rates

September 10, 2018

As discussed in previous blog posts, lead generation and conversion rate optimization are key metrics when referring to digital marketing. As a brief review, lead generation refers to the process of identifying previously unknown potential customers, typically through the collection of contact information. Collecting this information allows you to contact potential customers with promotional materials they are more receptive to, having already indicated interest in your products or services. Conversion rates refer to the actual conversion of a lead into a customer, typically via the process of a sale or subscription. So, what is gamification and how does this all tie together?


Gamification has traditionally been defined as the application of typical game playing elements to non-gaming activities like digital marketing and purchase incentives. Gamification can now play an important role in playable ads and promotions. The application of gaming mechanics to marketing activities results in a number of positive effects on a company’s marketing performance.


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Why use Gamification?

Gamification incorporates valuable marketing aspects that most marketing activities don’t capitalize on, like participation, engagement and positive brand association. Plus, gamification leverages incentive marketing, ultimately resulting in strengthened brand loyalty and increased revenues.


Gamification helps to ensure consumers actually participate in promotional and marketing activities, allowing for collection of leads. By harnessing the nature of human competitiveness, gamification can encourage consumers to undertake certain desired actions. Consumer participation is more likely to occur when they are having fun doing so, and gamification is most effective for achieving this. Increasing the likelihood of participation naturally improves the effectiveness of marketing and promotions.

Brand Engagement

With a branded game and the increased likelihood of participation through gamification, you can achieve extended brand engagement time and multiply the number of leads collected. Positive brand engagement helps keep your brand at the top of consumer’s minds and can result in greater brand loyalty.

Capitalizing on Games

Games are a perfect vehicle to influence purchase intent by delivering coupons, draw-prize entries, free shipping and lots more. Games, simply put, help drive motivation. This motivation can be harnessed in order to drive specific behaviours that many consumers wouldn’t engage in without the lure of the game. The feeling an individual gets when winning a game gives a greater sense of value to your purchase incentives.

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Tying it All Together

Gamification increases the likelihood of consumer participation in marketing activities and promotions. Increased participation results in the collection of more leads or potential customers. By having gamified promotions, you can convert leads into customers via game-delivered purchase incentives whether it be a coupon code or an entry into a draw. Gamification increases participation in promotional activities, creating an environment of increased brand engagement, brand loyalty – with a little fun on top!

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