Create Branded Games with DeepMarkit

Everyone enjoys games -- from children to seniors and everyone in between, your typical gamer has changed.
Branded games can help drive engagement, build brand awareness, reinforce your marketing message and collect lead data.

Simple Game Editor

With the DeepMarkit platform, you can create your own branded games by simply adding your logo or you can brand every pixel. No coding required.
Need help? Ask about our Enterprise package.
DeepMarkit Social Campaigns Editor

Game Templates to Get You Started

DeepMarkit’s platform has several game templates to fit your brand, making it easy for you to create a fun and engaging game in minutes.


DeepMarkit’s brandable games are web-based, so that you can provide your audience with the richest experiences across any device (mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.) and can be easily played within any app (such as messengers, social apps, etc.).
Whether you share your game on social media, send it in an email or use it in your physical store, you’ll be able to reach your target audience.
Brand your game and launch it in real-time – bypassing third-party app stores.
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Social Features

Your branded game is packed with tons of social features for a higher degree of shareability and virality.
input Facebook & Google Sign-In

Players can use their Facebook or Google accounts to play your campaign. 

http Social Sharing Links

All campaign pages include social sharing buttons and you can create trackable short URLs that are easily sharable. 

redeem Rewards

Prizes are a great way to incentivize your audience to provide his/her information and share the promotion with their friends. 

list Social Leaderboards

A feature that appeals directly to the competitive and social nature of your audience. A very powerful tool for user engagement, retention and growth.

get_app Data Collection

Download all the data you colelct during your campaign. You own it all. 

important_devices Seamless Experience

Reach your audience regardless of whether they are using a desktop or mobile device — your slide-out will look great. 

timeline Real-Time Analytics

Track how many visitors and participants are entering your campaign to evaluate your success. 

report_problem Technical Support

We’re here to help. Click for support or contact us. We’d love to walk you through your campaign creation. 

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