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Four Easy Steps to Create Gamified Social Media Promotions

October 22, 2018

According to the Electronic Entertainment Design and Research study, roughly 211 million Americans play video games on at least one type of device – 90% of which play on their mobile device.

Whether you’re using an implicit or explicit gamification strategy, you can reap many benefits, some of which include:

1. Brand Exposure

Expand your audience reach with gamification to attract and retain potential customers. Interactive elements help to create more memorable experiences and in the long-term better customer relationships with your business.

2. Improved Rewards

If you’re already trying to incentivize your audience with rewards, make it exciting. By asking players to participate in a game to win rewards, it gives them more motivation, adds excitement and makes the outcome feel more ‘exclusive’ for the winners. Not only does gamification make rewards fun, but it also drives conversion.

3. Pure Fun and Entertainment

While gamification is often based on motivation and rewards, the game itself can be interesting enough to attract and retain your audiences attention. Branded games can be fun and elevate otherwise boring marketing communications.

With DeepMarkit, you have several explicit gamification options. Our Gamified Displays are great for on-site traffic conversion and we’ve added some new features that allow you to create some highly targeted campaigns.

But one of our biggest new features is our Gamified Social Media Promotions which will help you drive traffic to your site.

How to Create a Branded Game

Using the DeepMarkit platform you can create a cost-effective branded game in a matter of minutes to share with your social media following, or to use in your social media ads.

1. Pick a Game

Preview, play and choose from our 12 highly customizable and brandable games. 

2. Design Your Landing Page

This is the first page your audience sees when they click on your campaign. Here, you can collect audience information, highlight your prizes and add calls to action. Keep in mind you want the users’ experience to be seamless, so don’t create too many barriers of entry.

social media promotions
3. Add Prizes

You can add multiple prizes and decide how they’re distributed, including: Everyone Wins, Instant Win and Sweepstake Draw prizes.

social media promotions prizes
4. Customize Your Game

You can add multiple prizes and decide how they’re distributed, including: Everyone Wins, Instant Win and Sweepstake Draw prizes.

social media promotions branded gamed editor

How to Use Your Branded Game for Social Media Promotions

Before you schedule and activate your campaign, outline and strategize what mediums you will be using to promote your Social Media Promotion. For example, if you plan to use multiple social media platforms, create separate links to track where your traffic is coming from.

social media promotions analytical tracking links

Add all your Social Media calls to action such as visit and follow your pages.

social media promotions

Add Open Graph Metatags so that when your tracking URLs are shared on social platforms, your audience gets a sneak peak about what your campaign is about. Open Graph images are a great way to capture your audience as it is the first thing they see when they scroll through their timeline. If you aren’t able to create one, we got you covered. 

social media promotions opengraph metadata

Creating Viral Social Media Promotions

As always, we are here to help and we like to think we are good listeners, so please contact us to resolve any questions or to discuss the meaning of life – though we’re not sure if we’ve got that one figured out quite yet.

P.S. Stay tuned for our next blog post about how DeepMarkit’s Social Media Promotions go hand and hand with your Facebook, Instagram and Google posts and ads.

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