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Calgary Stampede – the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth takes place every July. This ten-day event attracts millions of visitors every year, featuring parades, a fair, concerts, and the world’s largest rodeo.


During Stampede, Penny Lane Entertainment, parent of the award-winning nightclub Cowboys, hosts their annual Cowboys Music Festival. This year, they partnered with us to see how a gamified campaign could drive their engagement and mailing list sign-ups.

Goals & Objectives

To measure the success of the campaign, we outlined goals that we were expecting to reach. These goals included:

An increase in engagement

Cowboys only posted the campaign on their Facebook page where they have 15,000 daily engagements.

Our Baseline: According to Wordstream, the average Click-Through Rate (CTR) on Facebook posts in the Travel & Hospitality industry was 0.9%.

Converting their social audience into newsletter sign-ups

Cowboys is aware of the success of email marketing so one of their main objectives was to grow their newsletter subscribers.

Our Baseline: Sumo suggests that the average email opt-in rate is 1.95%.

Collect more audience data

Cowboys wanted to grasp a better understanding of their audience for future marketing purposes – so they asked us to help them collect their demographics.

How important is email marketing?

Email marketing is the greatest driver of customer retention as 77% of people prefer to get permission-based promotional messages via email.

73% of millennials preferred email as a means of business communication.

By 2019, there will be 2.9 billion email users worldwide.

The return on investment for email marketing is massive. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38.

And while social media and search engine marketing shouldn’t be ignored – combined, the two tactics do not match up to email’s higher conversion rates.

Our Response

deepmarkit gamification app branded game

Each Social DeepMarkit campaign comes with a Landing Page, Branded Game and Prize Giveaways.

The Landing Page

A customized landing page to fit Cowboy’s branding around their Music Festival.

An edited entry form to collect the information about their audience that Cowboys wanted.

An opt-in box to subscribe to their newsletters.

Visitors could only play the game and earn a chance to win the prize after filling out the entry form.

The Game

Created a Dropper game, where players try to catch shots of tequila, concert tickets, and cans of Budweiser (one of Cowboys sponsors).

deepmarkit gamification branded game cowboys casino

You can play the game yourself here.

The Prizes

Traditionally, during Stampede, bars and clubs have special event tents set up. Cowboys was giving away free passes to enter their enormously popular tent.

Cowboys was also giving away free tickets to their Music Festival.

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Cowboys campaign had 1,390 visitors, 1,135 participants and 721 opted-in to the newsletter sign-ups.

The average age of Cowboy’s target audience was 26 years old.

Based on Cowboy’s average daily engagement of 15,000, they received a 9.26% CTR. Of those visitors, 81% provided their information and played the game. Of those players, 64% opted-in to the newsletter sign-ups.

social media marketing deepmarkit

By running a DeepMarkit Promotion we increased our email marketing list and tracked the age demographics of our participants. 64% of participants opted into our newsletter and everyone seemed to love playing our branded game.

Trish Thompson Marketing & Event Manager at Penny Lane Entertainment

Preparing for 2018

You’ve spent all this time growing your social media followers, now it’s time to interact with them.

Convert your followers into email subscribers, so you can communicate with them in a trustworthy environment.

Email marketing is permission-based and unaffected by ad blockers – making it one of the most effective digital marketing tactics.

Already have a well-established list? The biggest email marketing trend in 2017 was interactive emails and it’s expected to continue to grow. By adding a DeepMarkit campaign you could increase your CTR by up to 500%.

2018 is your year to shine – don’t settle for below-average conversion rates. Contact us for your own gamified campaign.

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