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How to Boost On-Site Conversion with Website Displays

October 16, 2018

Since the launch of our Gamified Displays, we have helped our customers achieve an average on-site email opt-in conversion rate of 10% which puts a smile on our faces! With the industry average hovering around 1-2%, we take pride in being able to help our customers achieve such substantial conversion rate improvements. In our previous blog post we mentioned the importance of conversion rates and that simply increasing your conversion rate by 1% can double your revenue

We understand that you might not want a game on your website 24/7 but you still want to make those conversions. That’s why we developed more Website Displays and added the ability to schedule your campaigns.

Our new Website Displays allow you to collect more emails from your website traffic through pop-ups, banners and full-page overlays. In combination with our new and old features, you can create highly targeted, diverse campaigns.

4 Steps to Creating a Website Display Campaign

1. Choose a Display Type

In addition to our Gamified Display Slide-out, you can now create Email Collection campaigns with three new display types:

2. Customize It

We’ve provided some theme choices to help you get started. Use it as is or fully customize it. At the bare minimum, we recommend adding your logo.

You can change your background image or select a background color. Other customization features include:

3. Add Prizes

What better way than a prize to incentivize your traffic to complete your calls to action? For our Gamified Displays, you can add Instant Win prizes based on odds and NOW you can also add Sweepstakes Draw prizes!

In addition to Instant Win and Sweepstakes Draw prizes, you can now also add one prize that everyone who enters will win called an Everyone Wins prize.

4. Schedule and Activate

With our new scheduling feature, you can have several campaigns running at once. All you have to do is activate your campaigns from your dashboard and our system will do the work for you based on the parameters you’ve set-up. If you’re not using an integration, don’t forget to copy the App Code to your website or ecommerce store.

For example, you can schedule a Gamified Display on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. 
You can schedule your Email Collection Pop-Up on Tuesday and Friday. You can schedule your Sweepstakes Full-Page Overlay on Saturday and Sunday.

With the URL filters, you can also activate campaigns that run on designated pages and display specific campaigns depending on where they’re coming from.

Marketing Tool Scheduling

You're Ready to Go

Once you’ve activated your Website Displays, your website is ready to collect emails and convert your on-site traffic into customers! Once you become familiar with our system, you’ll be able to create unlimited stunning campaigns in just a few minutes.

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