Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Important 2017 Trends and How to Capitalize on these Trends in 2018

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With 2017 being one of the largest years for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) to date, it is wise to begin planning your 2018 BFCM strategy now. One way to do this is to analyze the numbers and trends from last year and incorporate these trends into your 2018 strategy.

So, lets begin by taking a look at some of the statistics and trends from BFCM 2017.

2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Statistics:

  • Shopify merchants collectively generated over $1B in sales over 4 days (Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday). This is neither small nor negligible.
  • Peak sales reached $1,138,574 per minute.
  • Shopify merchants shipping packages all over the world added up to roughly 12.6B miles over the weekend. That is equivalent to traveling from Earth to Pluto 2.7 times…let that sink in.

2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Trends:

  • Mobile shopping managed to surpass desktop shopping, comprising 64% of overall orders (DeepMarkit optimizes for mobile!)
  • Cyber Monday is beginning to catch up to Black Friday in terms of volume and sales.
  • BFCM continues to grow rapidly every year, internationally. Prepare your store for international orders as well!
  • Email marketing resulted in the highest conversion rates for BFCM (Grow your email list with DeepMarkit to capitalize on BFCM Email Marketing)
  • Top selling items on BFCM: apparel, accessories, housewares, shoes, makeup, electronics, food, and games.

Numbers don’t lie — BFCM is a massive sales opportunity for online merchants.

Planning your 2018 Strategy

The best way to begin planning your 2018 BFCM marketing strategy is to reflect on last year’s trends and statistics and base your strategy on that. Let’s examine some promising strategies for 2018.


As mentioned above, mobile shopping is only increasing and therefore it is imperative to ensure your site is optimized for mobile shoppers. Not only will this benefit you during BFCM, but it will benefit you year-round as mobile shopping is a trend that appears to continually become more common. Don’t make mobile an afterthought – mobile-friendly checkout options will play a significant role for 2017’s BFCM traffic. It’s important to make use of mobile-friendly tech to encourage mobile conversions such as notifications, text messages, click-to-call and one-click checkout.

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Image Source: Simi Cart

International Mindset

Keep an international mindset! Although Black Friday is traditionally an American event, it’s important to remember not to solely focus on the U.S. market. International audiences are becoming more aware of the annual event and will jump on the chance to save – especially if you have an online store. BFCM isn’t a secret to other countries, thousands of North American, South American, and European consumers will have their eyes on the notorious BFCM sales. Most companies expect the majority of purchases/orders to be domestic; however, that is not the case and especially not on BFCM! Having an international mindset could include having a translatable site, free (or reasonably priced) international shipping fees, and preparing your system’s logistics for international orders.

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Image Source: Treske Church Furniture

Here are some Shopify tips for preparing for international orders.

Cyber Monday

Don’t just focus on Black Friday, save some of your marketing budget for Cyber Monday and make sure to have some deals specifically for the increasingly lucrative Cyber Monday as well. Cyber Monday was only begun in 2005; however, over the last couple years it has continually grown internationally and is slowly but surely catching up to Black Friday (especially with the increased reliance on online shopping). So, pace yourself, and make sure to have some Cyber Monday promotions.

Highest Converting Strategy: Email Marketing

BFCM 2017’s highest converting marketing strategy was email marketing programs, reaching a conversion rate of 4.29%. Email marketing in simple terms is just the management of customer relationships over email, whether that is informing your customers on new products, or more specifically for BFCM informing them of discounts and sales. So, ensure you’ve got your mailing list updated and your email templates ready. Now we can’t help with your email templates, but we can help you grow your mailing list and provide discounts and prizes on BFCM. DeepMarkit’s platform is designed to grow your mailing list, so get ahead of the competition and begin collecting emails today with DeepMarkit’s digital marketing toolkit. We can help you grow your list and provide discounts, taking the majority of the BFCM rush/stress of things out of it. Give it a try, the proof is in the results!
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Prepare your site for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As previously mentioned, peak sales on Shopify alone reached over a million dollars in a minute. You can likely expect your site to face a surge in traffic that may overload your site’s capabilities. Make sure to test your site to ensure it can withstand the expected surge in traffic. In addition, ensure your payment processor and order logistics systems are capable of handling a drastic increase in orders. Analyzing and knowing your traffic helps you to estimate what a spike would look like for your particular store. In addition to analyzing your traffic, perform regular performance and capacity tests on your site. If you think your servers may need help handling the traffic, look into a service that can help offload some of this traffic and keep your site running smoothly.

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Image Source: Flicker Leap

Begin Building Hype Early

BFCM doesn’t just pop-up, informed consumers will be keeping their eyes open early to identify and capitalize on the best deals around. Make sure to strategize and plan for BFCM marketing efforts earlier rather than later to get the word out and the hype building. So, begin drafting your emails and ads as early as possible and begin marketing ASAP! Fortunately, with DeepMarkit you can create your campaigns now, and then launch them closer to the date, making the last week before BFCM less stressful, and the holiday more rewarding.

Are you ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

BFCM provides a huge opportunity for retailers and ecommerce merchants to capitalize some of the year’s biggest holidays.

DeepMarkit can help you maximize your return this holiday season by providing you with a highly customizable platform to create your BFCM promotions today. You can create social media promotions designed to drive traffic to your site, email collection displays to reward customers for their contact information, and even gamified displays for that last little push to get your site visitors off to your cart! Ultimately, our platform will help drive traffic to your site, convert that traffic into customers, and build you a substantial mailing list.

Work with DeepMarkit. Grow Your Mailing List. Improve your Sales. Crush the Holiday Season.

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