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10 New Cost-Effective Marketing Features

October 11, 2018

Over the past few months, we’ve been pounding caffeine, slamming back snacks and listening to what our users need from us to grow their online businesses even more!

If you run an online shop, we know from our data that DeepMarkit’s customer acquisition tools will help you out-perform your competition. We’ve introduced 10 new product features that every e-commerce merchant will love, while keeping your budget in mind!

New Features

Whether you want to drive more traffic to your website or convert your traffic into customers, we’ve got you covered.

1. Additional Website Displays: Pop-ups, Banners, & Full-Page Overlays

Our highly customizable website displays are installed directly on your site to identify visitors and convert those visitors into buyers. Choose between our Gamified Displays or our NEW on-site Email Collection Displays.

2. Social Media Promotions Tool

A lot of merchants are already spending a large part of their marketing budget on social media ads. Customize and brand one of our 12 premium games to create viral social media campaigns and ads that drive traffic and incentivize visitors to make a purchase.

Social Media Marketing
3. CASH Club 50/50 Sweepstakes

Merchants can now reward their visitors for participating in their campaigns with cash! With DeepMarkit’s CASH Club 50/50 Sweepstakes, all email sign-ups from participating merchants’ campaigns are entered into a cash draw, a $100 winner is selected monthly. The merchant whose entrant wins, also wins $100. All paid in full by DeepMarkit.

Cash Club
4. Additional Prizing Mechanics & Variety

Add draw prizes to your Gamified Display and Social Media Promotion campaigns to build excitement and encourage participation. Customize the number of prizes offered, the types of prizes and schedule when your draws take place. Our system will randomly select winners on your behalf and notify you via email when your draw is over. Plus, you can add images of your draw prizes and include an enticing description.

With our Social Media Promotions, you can add the option for no prize to be rewarded…but that’s just cruel.

5. Scheduling

We get it, everyone is busy. That’s why we introduced an all new scheduling feature for all our tools to make your life that much easier. For our Website Tools, you can schedule which days of the week your campaign appears on your website. For Social Media Promotions, you can schedule when your campaigns start and end.

Marketing Tool Scheduling
6. Custom Data Collection

Figure out what data matters most to your business by customizing what data participants must enter to take part in your campaigns. With a wide variety of selections, you can handpick what data gets collected and whether it’s required to participate in a campaign.

7. In-Depth Customization

You now have the option to upload background images to your slide-out and landing pages. Keep in mind, this background image will only be seen on desktop and tablet devices.

If you are using the Prize Banner as a display after your visitor has won a coupon, you can now change its background color and messaging as well.

8. Social Promotions Tracking Links

Another feature of our Social Media Promotions is the ability to create tracking links, giving you more data about your campaigns. You can create additional tracking links for every channel you plan to share your campaign on.

For example, if you plan to post your campaign on Facebook and Twitter, you can create separate tracking links and view which channel generates the most traffic.

9. Additional Social Features

Our new Social Media Promotions allow you to create calls to action, encouraging participants to visit your website and share your campaign. We provide a default open graph image that will appear when your campaign is shared. However, you can upload your own image and add more details to give your audience a sneak peak of your landing page and your brand. The choice is all yours.

You can also add calls to action to visit your social media pages with our Social Media Promotions.

10. White-Labeling

White-label your campaigns by removing the “Powered by DeepMarkit” messaging. We’ll try not to be offended.

Create Memorable Experiences for Your Customers with DeepMarkit

With DeepMarkit, you can create engaging experiences for your audience while remaining aligned with your business goals. These engaging interactions help to drive your traffic, grow your email lists and increase your conversion rates – which in the long run boosts your brand loyalty and sales.

We’re always looking to improve and help you reach your goals.

Boost Your Business with DeepMarkit

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