Collect More Emails on Your Wix Website With Gamify

The fun way of collecting emails and giving away rewards.

Installing Gamify on your Wix website is easy and you’ll be up and running in a few steps!

1. Create a Free Gamify Account
2. Copy the integration code from the Gamify Menu (top right).

Gamify Menu > Integrate Slide-Out

Gamify Dashboard Integration Slide-Out Menu

Gamify Integration Code

3. Access your Site Manager

Select the website you would like to add Gamify to and click on Manage and Edit Site.

4. Add a Custom Code in your Tracking and Analytics

Click on Tracking & Analytics on your left navigation menu. Select + New Tool. A drop-down menu will appear, select </> Custom.

5. Paste the Gamify Integration Code

A new window will appear. Paste your Gamify integration code here.

You can also choose to add the code to all pages or choose specific pages. If you’re going to filter the code here, you do not need to use the URL filters in the Gamify Campaign Editor. If you’re going to add the code to all pages, you can also choose to have the code load once per session or load the code on each page.

You can also place the code in either the Head or the Body.

Click Apply to save.

6. Activate Your Campaign

After pasting your integration code, activate a Gamify campaign you’ve created.

When you’re ready, in the Gamify dashboard, click on the Gamify Activate Campaign button, or you can toggle which campaign you’d like to be active .

Once activated, your Gamify campaign will appear on your Wix website.

Boost Your Business With Gamify

Turn your website visitors into email subscribers and future sales. 

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